O’Reilly’s Irish Pub Group



Since opening its first unit in 1994, O’Reilly’s Irish pub group has engaged the services of Fionuala Lennon of Nuns Lane Studio as designer and project manager. Our company operates in Holland, Belgium and Germany, with outlets in Amsterdam, Dusseldorf, Heidelberg, Frankfurt (2) and Brussels (2). (www.oreillys.com and www.waxys.de)
Each of our pubs has its own style and Nuns Lane Studio’s versatility is well expressed in all of them. The traditional styles of O’Reilly’s, Amsterdam and Brussels to the Neo Gothic church interior of ‘Waxy’s’ in Frankfurt give some idea of their range of design skills. In their capacity as designer and project manager, Nuns Lane Studio has brought imaginative concepts and efficient project management to all our projects. Once a concept has been agreed, they adhere to the brief unfailingly. This has ensured all projects have come in on schedule and within budget.

Pierre J. Doyle.
Chairman and C.E.O., O’Reilly’s Irish Pub Group