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You are really the only site which has it together with respect to design, appeal and theme. I commend you on this!!!
Pete, Florida

We all need [including our bars] a good kick in the arse every now and again. Some very good tips . Well done.
John Hogan

I love these designs we have a 17th century pub that is having a refurb in the next month, its got all the beams still so it
looks like a pub but we wanted it to be a little more contemporary, the designs are perfect for our pub as we have to design
it all ourselves, it has given me some great ideas.
Karman Amos

All too often we become complacent, we can’t see the wood from the trees. So it is with our pubs, we need an outside eye
to bring our short comings to our attention. “Pub Spy” has being this for many years, sometimes we like what he writes,
other times we come to attention with a jolt. He is always fair and if we take on board what he says we are the better for it.
Your tips are a template for getting things correct prior to your premises appearing in print and so avoiding an adverse
effect on your business. We all like to think we are the best, it is the little things that make all the difference, thanks for the
help we will get the tips attended to.
John Aylward